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2019 Water Garden Tour video Graciously provided by Betty Ann Grainger

Our next event is on March 15th!  Don’t miss it!


This month we will have two video presentations. We hope to see many of you in person so that we can see each other and be able to break off and chat with freedom. We will still send out the e-invite, to those that request one, but we do hope that you will attend in person. We will meet at 7:00pm at the Greenboro Community Centre. Send e-invite requests to


To start off with, we have a short video presentation from the Jardin Botánico de Vallarta, Mexico ( who have won the American Public Gardens Association’s 2022 Garden of Excellence Award. The video covers almost all of the Vallarta Mexico Botanical Garden's diverse greenhouses, plantations, trails, and ponds.


Followed by: Brooklyn Botanic Garden president, Adrian Benepe, takes us on a walk along BBG’s waterways, as part of the “The Municipal Art Society” of New York Jane’s Walk NYC 2021, titled: "Go with the Flow: A Virtual Tour of Brooklyn Botanic Garden's (BBG) Waterways".  Come along and learn about the Garden’s most iconic water features including the visible and hidden water conservation infrastructure.



Come, have some popcorn, along with our regular refreshments, and Enjoy!!!

The board has been busy in getting a long term program put together so that members get of all events and activities well in advance. We will be hold a special board meeting to flesh them out, but would like you, our members, to give us ideas that we can chase down. These can be anything related to water gardens, ponds, or water features. Even table top or patio water features. We will also accept general gardening and plant topics. So please email us at so we can have the best programs possible that interest you, our members.


Hope to see as many of you in attendance!

About our Society

Founded in 2006, the Greater Ottawa Water Garden Horticultural Society (GOWGHS) is an  organization dedicated to the enjoyment, education and promotion of water gardening in the National Capital Region.  more...

Consult the Gardening Calendar for information on other gardening events in the Ottawa area

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