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GOWGHS is pleased to list the follow retailers who offer a discount to GOWGHS members. To receive the discount, members must show a current, valid GOWGHS membership card at the check out.  *retailers are listed in alphabetical order*

Artistic Landscape Designs - 2079 Artistic Place, Ottawa, 613-733-8220, 10% discount for GOWGHS members​​

Beyond the House - 144 Craig Street, Russell, 10% discount for GOWGHS members on Garden Centre plants ONLY

Big Al's - 1900 Innes Road, Ottawa, ON - 10% discount for GOWGHS Members

Budd Gardens (Perennials & Hostas) - 2832 Innes Road, Ottawa, ON - 10% discount for GOWGHS Members

Green Thumb Garden Centre - 17 Tristan Court, Nepean, 10% discount for GOWGHS members​​​

The Herb Garden - 3840 Old Almonte Road, Almonte, 613-256-0228, Herbs/Events/Art Gallery specializing in culinary and ground cover herbs, 10% discount for GOWGHS members

J.A. Laporte’s Flowers and Nursery - 1211 Montreal Road, Orleans - 10% discount for GOWGHS Members

Concrete Garden Supply  - 1770 Manotick Stn. Rd., Greely - 10% discount for GOWGHS Members

Kiwi Gardens - 687 Harper Road, Perth, 613-267-7384, over 1000 varieties of perennials 13% discount for GOWGHS members

Nesbitt's Greenhouse and Nursery - 147 Chemin Eardley, Gatineau. Nesbitt's is a family owned business and a horticultural grower since the 1960's. We impress with 'hard to find' annuals and perennials, 100's of varieties to choose from. We have over 45,000 sq. feet of greenhouse under cover and a large outdoor nursery area filled with trees, shrubs and roses. Over 10,000 hanging baskets and patio pots. Open seven days a week. 10% discount for GOWGHS Members.

Richard Inchley Ponds and Aquaria -  Kinburn, ON - 10% discount on all products and in season specials for GOWGHS Members

Rideau Woodland Ramble - A 10% discount is available on non-discounted green stock, to recognized Societies and Clubs if a valid, current membership card is presented prior to sales being entered.

Ritchie Feed & Seed - they do not offer a discount to any gardening club, however, you may join their online garden club for immediate discounts and a rewards program"

TBL Depot - 1148 March Road, Ottawa, 10% discount on all landscaping supplies

White House Nursery and Display Gardens - 594 Rae Road, Almonte, 613-256-3406, Specializing in Daylillies 10% discount for GOWGHS members





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