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Nuphar variegata Engelm. ex Durand – Yellow Pond Lily

General: Perennial aquatic herb; from scaly, thick (2.5–7 cm diameter), yellowish rhizomes.


Leaves: Floating, pinnately veined, heart-shaped with rounded lobes, 10–25 cm long; submerged when young, floating when mature; stalks strongly flattened, winged, up to 2 m long.


Flowers: Showy, yellow, 4–6 cm wide, floating on or slightly raised above water surface, usually with six showy, yellow, petal-like sepals and many small scale-like yellow petals merging with yellow anthers; stigma disc green or yellowish; throughout summer.


Fruits: Leathery berries, maroon or red, oval, 2–4.5 cm long, with many seeds; mid-late summer.


Where found: In lakes, quiet streams and rivers; from Newfoundland to the Yukon Territory, south to Idaho, Ohio and Delaware.






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Nuphar variegata
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